Homing from Twin Squeaks

Application process

Please read through the care guide before applying for rats from me. It will answer many basic questions about rat husbandary and the standard of care I expect for rats bred by me.

Once you have read through, please complete an application form. This is not a test, but more to see what you understand about rat care and if there is anything I can help you with.

I only home out rats in same sex pairs or trios. I am not in a position to offer out rats for breeding as my lines are new.

Rats cost £20 each. There is no discount for multiples.

After you have applied

I aim to get into contact with you within 2 weeks. Please bear in mind I work full time which is why the wait is this long. Once accepted, you will be added to a ‘wait pool’. If you have Facebook you will recieve an invite to join the homing group.

Allocating rats

When I have rats available, I will notify by posting on my Facebook page, Instagram and on this website. It is then up to you to contact me at twinsqueaksrats@gmail.com if you are interested in rats from the advertised litters.

I will then allocate rats to those who have contacted me who I believe I have suitable rats for. I will try and stick to preferences (although with them all being black there won’t be much variety!) however you will not be able to choose individual rats as I want to make sure I pair up the right rats with the right people.

Picking up rats

When the rats are ready to be homed I will contact you and we can arrange a date and time for collection. This can be from my address or from a show if I am attending one.

You will need to bring:

  • Payment
  • Suitable carrier with suitable substrate in
  • Water source such as cucumber or apple (bottles drip on car rides!)

I will provide:

  • Family Tree
  • Caresheet
  • Suitable wet protein meal (dog food, sardines etc)
  • Sample of my mix

If you home my rats you agree to…

  • Provide them with an enriching life where they can exhibit natural behaviours
  • Provide appropriate veterinary care when necessary
  • Feed them a suitable diet
  • Keep them with other rats and not to house them alone (unless for medical reasons)
  • Not to breed from them or allow them to meet the opposite sex
  • Return the rats to me if you can no longer look after them

In return I agree…

  • That the rats are, as far as I am aware, in good health at the time of homing
  • That the rats may be shown in pet or variety classes, but I cannot promise they are of show quality
  • To provide a family tree, care sheet and any information I have in regards to the health history of the line
  • To take back any rats that can no longer be cared for by you. The reason does not matter, I will provide a home for them or find a suitable home for them

Other Breeders

I encourage people to be on multiple waiting lists if you can as litters do not always pan out!

Check out the NFRS Breeder’s List for more breeders.

I can also recommend these other nearby breeders…

Location Distance from Hull Ratteries
Dewsbury 1 hour 15 mins Rattray Stud
Leeds 1 hour 20 mins Mesozoic Rattery, Gallifrey Stud, Whitkirk Rattery
Sheffield 1 hour 30 mins Lilliput Stud
Manchester 2 hours 20 mins Arecales Rattery, Regency Rattery
Todmorden 2 hours 20 mins Poplet Rattery
Leyland 2 hours 30 mins Isamu Stud