📅 Show schedule

Here are the next shows I plan to go to:

None in the near future due to the birth of my baby in Feb!

🏆 Show results

NFRS Scawsby 18th May 2024

  • Twin Squeaks Magpie - 2nd in Adult Owned Doe & 2nd in Adult Owned Pet
  • Twin Squeaks Crow - 3rd in Adult Owned Doe

Bradford Champs 3rd February 2024

  • Ellfin James Curly - 2nd in Self Rex
  • Twin Squeaks Magpie (doe) - 1st Self Rex Kitten & 2nd in Rex Kitten Challenge
  • Twin Squeaks Crow (doe) - 2nd Rex Dumbo Kitten
  • Twin Squeaks Blackbird (buck) - 2nd Self Dumbo Kitten
  • Twin Squeaks Jay (buck) - 3rd Rex Dumbo Kitten
  • Twin Squeaks Jackdaw (buck) - 1st Rex Dumbo Kitten, 4th Dumbo Kitten Challenge
  • Twin Squeaks Jenny’s Up Above (Wren) - Owned by pet home Emily - 4th in Self Black

NFRS Scawsby 11th Novemmber 2023

  • I’ve forgotten what I got at this show! Will update when I get my cards out.

London Champs 25th August 2023

  • Ellfin Windom Curl 1st self rex
  • Ellfin James Curly 2nd self rex

NFRS Scawsby 21st May 2023

  • Lovecraft Maddy Ferguson (Maddy) 1st black adult, 1st self adult
  • Lovecraft Laura Palmer (Laura) 1st self dumbo adult
  • Twin Squeaks Donna Hayward (Donna) 3rd black kitten, 4th self kitten, 4th self AA
  • Twin Squeaks Diane Evans (Diane) 1st self dumbo kitten, 3rd dumbo kitten, 4th novice
  • Twin Squeaks Double R (RR) 4th black kitten
  • Twin Squeaks Douglas Fir (Dougie) 2nd self dumbo kitten, 4th dumbo kitten

NFRS Bradford Champtionship Show 21st January 2023

  • Lovecraft Maddy Ferguson (Maddy) 2nd black kitten and 3rd self kitten

NFRS Scawsby Show 17th September 2022

Scawsby 2022

  • Arecales Tibetan Method (Betty) - 2nd in Black Adult, 2nd in Self Adult, 3rd in Self AA
  • Arecales Log Lady (Lady) - 2nd in Self Dumbo Adult
  • Arecales Fish in the Percolator (Perky) - Did not place
  • Arecales Black as Midnight (BAM) DQ for lice